Mobility of adhesion molecules within synapses

Localization and dynamics of the adhesion molecule α-Neurexin in axons of cultured hippocampal neurons
left: Transmitted light image of cultured hippocampal neurons expressing the adhesion molecule α-Neurexin coupled to GFP (green) within the axon. Synaptic spots are labelled in red.
center: Trajectories of individual α-Neurexin molecules (colored) recorded via Quantum Dots in a sptPALM experiment along the axon and within synaptic spots (white dots).
right: Exemplary video of moving single α-Neurexin objects.


Adhesion molecules are important for guidance of neuronal contact formation and are involved in the establishment and maintenance of synaptic contacts. The turnover and reassociation of adhesive contacts, particularly in synapses, is essential for information transfer within neuronal networks.

To understand the assembly and disassembly of adhesive contacts within functional synapses, we study the underlying molecular mechanisms of adhesive contacts with a main interest in neurexins. Mutations of neurexins have been identified to be involved in the development of neuropsychiatric disorders as autism or schizophrenia.
In collaboration with Prof. Markus Missler (University Munster/Westphalia), we focus on the trafficking and local organization of neurexins in GABAergic and glutamatergic synapses and their interplay with interaction partners (Born et al. 2014, Neupert et al. 2015, Brockhaus et al. 2018).


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